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“I really appreciate Dr. Higgins and his staff investing in
the latest technology so that I can get better care.”
- Mark G. patient since 2014

Single Tooth Anesthesia

We Use Painless Precision Techniques

The STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) combines technology, compassion and anesthetic into a delivery system that is unparallelled for it’s gentleness and accuracy.STA

single tooth anesthesia photoNobody likes traditional injections, needles and getting numb. But when it is necessary and it often is (such as removal of old alloys or crowns), when appropriate we can now use a process to numb one tooth at a time. This provides a more comfortable service which is the hallmark of minimally invasive dentistry.

We no longer routinely have to numb one entire side of the jaw. This leads to a much shorter recovery time (numbness) for the patient because we use much less anesthetic.

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