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“I really appreciate Dr. Higgins and his staff investing in
the latest technology so that I can get better care.”
- Mark G. patient since 2014

Surgical Operating Microscopes

Microscopes are a key factor in our approach to state of the art dental health technology.

Imagine being able to see and define dental problems like never before. Our microscopes and our techniques are a quantum leap forward over traditional imaging of teeth. Not only do we see much better, we have greater control over our instruments and are more precise in all dental procedures.

One of our mottos at Pearl Street Dental is: “See better to do better.”scope-1s

This simple concept results in:

  • Better visual outlining and understanding of various dental problems. With this level of magnification and illumination, far more detail can be seen and understood.
  • Better communication with our patients. Cameras in the microscopes allow patients and the doctor to see dental issues at the same time. This allows the patient and doctors to co-diagnose.
  • Clearer picture of how to proceed.

We all understand the mouth is a small, dark, highly complex environment. Our microscopes allow for high precision in very difficult working conditions.

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