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“I really appreciate Dr. Higgins and his staff investing in
the latest technology so that I can get better care.”
- Mark G. patient since 2014

Digital Lasers

Digital lasers are an enormous part of our state of the art technology.

Pearl Street Dental has both the WaterLase by Biolase as well as the new hard and soft tissue laser by Lares®. These lasers represent medical breakthroughs for the patient that standard dental drills cannot approach.

Lasers represent the single biggest breakthrough in dental treatment over the entire history of dentistry.

The benefits to our patients include:

  • A more relaxing in chair experience for our precious patients (fewer injections and less conventional drilling).
  • Reduces micro fracturing (i.e. cracking) of teeth by using our combination of lasers.
  • Removal of dental disease can often be preformed without anesthesia. This is a kinder and gentler dental experience for the teeth and gums and the patient!
  • Fewer post operative complications.
  • Quicker healing.

Zeiss surgical microscope and Lares Lightwalker Laser

A Doctor’s Dynamic Duo
The surgical microscope provides unparalleled viewing of dental tissue while the laser provides state-of-the-art treatment. This dynamic duo provides a level of patient care previously unavailable… plus the microscopes can take digital pictures which makes it easier for the patient to understand all treatments.

Laser Bacterial Reduction
This diode laser is used by our hygienist for bacterial reduction diode laser disinfects the pocket and cleans out diseased tissue, usually using minimal anesthetic. Often potential periodontal surgery can be avoided using this instrument as a part of our regular hygiene procedures.

Low level laser light therapy and Bio-Stimulation
Our diode lasers are capable of decreasing healing time and inflammation. These benefits are enormous with regard to post-operative pain and much faster post-operative healing. We are thrilled to be able to decrease pain and symptoms with these “cold lasers.”   The uses and advantages of low level light laser therapy are profound.

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