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“I really appreciate Dr. Higgins and his staff investing in
the latest technology so that I can get better care.”
- Mark G. patient since 2014


Our Philosophy

Modern dentistry requires us to embrace new techniques and equipment.  Pearl Street Dental is a leader in this community with regard to new technology and protocols.  Just as the belt driven drills have been replaced by air turbines; these in turn have been replaced by lasers.  This is true for multiple visits for crowns and bridges that are now done the same day with the CEREC CAD/CAM, as well as standard orthodontic braces versus ClearCorrect® Orthodontics.  We also have modern bio-compatible filling materials that replace mercury.  Embracing these changes has made dentistry much more acceptable to our patients and a lot more fun for the dentist.  We use new proven technologies and techniques that provide a greater value to our patients. We are committed to providing this exceptional level of service while maintaining a high level of accountability and compassion, with a gracious staff and a sense of humor. Minimally invasive dentistry requires these innovations.  With better visualization using  surgical operating microscopes, we can better diagnose decay and other diseases sooner and more accurately, and thereby take care of dental diseases earlier and with less trauma and better results. The combination of high magnification and the use of the laser’s soft touch allow us to perform dentistry often without shots/injections and minimal use of the dental drill. This is a paradigm shift!

Learn more about the technology we us in our office:

Digital Laser
Digital X-Rays
Surgical Operating Microscopes
Single Tooth Anesthesia

Technology is key for the best dental care so request an appointment now!