New Patient Policy

In order to best serve our patients, we need comprehensive records with regard to the patients overall health. These include a current medical and dental history. If our new patient has current x-rays, Pearl Street Dental is pleased to use these images. New x-rays will only be taken as necessary.

Also at this time listen to your concerns and will attempt to help with a “chief complaint” – or dental emergency.

Cancellation Policy

Pearl Street Dental is in the business of serving our patients dental needs and problems or concerns. We strive to deliver excellence to our patients in a comprehensive, caring and timely manner. Our time in this lovely office is one of our most valuable assets. We will always endeavor to be on time for you and we ask that you do the same for us.

No shows and last minute cancellations kill a productive business practice as well as deprive the benefits of the practice to those who are waiting for their appointments. We require a 48 hour notice except for weather or other major emergencies. We reserve the right to bill a minimum fee of $50 for the average one hour missed appointment. Pearl Street Dental is here for you, your appointment is important.

Dental Insurance

Pearl Street Dental is not a preferred provider on any dental plans. We are an out of network provider. Our talented front desk people can help process your insurance for you, but Pearl Street Dental is a “fee for service” office.

You deserve the best dental care so request an appointment now!