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Oral Cancer Screenings

At Pearl Street Dental, you will find that we take our time when it comes to thorough examinations.  There are two kinds of examinations that are covered in your comprehensive exam, whether you are a new patient or an existing patient.  The hard tissue exam looks specifically at teeth and occlusion (bite) whereas the soft tissue exam looks at all other tissues; the gingival tissue (gums)  the lips, tonsils, tongue, and we also check your head and neck for skin cancer.

During your soft tissue examination  we palpate your thyroid (looking for unusual lumps or bumps), we check your lymph nodes (up and down the cervical chain), we exam ears,  we also look for any signs of lesions related to skin cancer.  This examination is much like a facial massage in that we palpate many different areas of the head, face and neck.  Thyroid issues; including goiters, nodules and over/underactive thyroid are on the increase and we want to make sure that we are doing our due diligence in searching for underlying disease or contributing factors.

We are constantly looking for any abnormality within the soft tissues so that we can provide the best overall care for our patients.  The  Human Papilloma Virus, (HPV) is on the rise and is currently up 235%. We need to be honest with our patients as to why we perform this specific exam. Due to the increase of oral sex, we must educate our patients and examine the oral tissues for the presence of this rapidly rising condition.  The intra-oral exam is thorough and at each visit your clinician will do a differential diagnosis.  First, we check the tissues with a regular dental light and mirror. We then take a specialized light (blue LED called VELscope®) which fluoresces the blood vessels to show for any signs of abnormality. This specialized light is used at each visit as a free service to our patients.  Prevention goes a long way toward optimum health!

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