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Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR)

Lasers have long been used in all kinds of medical procedures, and within the past decade lasers have made their way into the dental office.  The laser used in the hygiene operatory is a pen-like optic light that penetrates the gum tissues and kills bacteria at the base of the pocket before the bacteria can be swallowed or disrupted from its origin.  It is a quick-kill method and because of the lasers’ cauterizing properties it provides for great healing! There is a strong connection between bacteria in the mouth causing an inflammatory response and  negatively affecting the many organs that help promote and facilitate health.  Because of this strong systemic connection, lasers are now being used to control bacterial loads before your dental cleaning. We have about 500+ strains of active bacteria that sit and fester above and below our gum line. This active component of disease can cause us to be run down, tired and sick. Bacteria in the mouth have been known to have a connection with heart disease, and have adverse effects on pregnant women.  By choosing laser therapyyou are making a choice toward overall health.

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